September 2022


Assign an audience to multiple campaigns

You can now add an audience to multiple campaigns, allowing you to easily create A/B tests. This will allow you to improve elements of your campaign, such as email templates or message sequencing.

Simply add your audience to the chosen campaigns and the platform will automatically assign audience members to each campaign based on campaign sequences and daily volumes.

Campaigns can now only have one audience attached to them. Any campaigns with multiple audiences will have them unassigned.

Outbase automatically adds prospects to your campaigns

Build your audience and assign it to the relevant campaign(s) in one simple step, replacing manual elements of the old process.

Outbase will now automatically add individual prospects from your audience into that campaign on a daily basis, based on your campaign sequences and daily volumes. This means Outbase sources the freshest possible contact details - gathering them just before the email send, not when the campaign is built.


Resend verification email to user’s email

When an unverified user attempts to login to Outbase, the system now allows you to resend the verification email.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for an issue with a disconnected Microsoft 365 Business account, where messages were not displayed based on specific error Microsoft Graph API was returning.

  • Fix for an issue where undelivered messages were not displayed as specific response type, coming from prospects email addresses emailed from a Microsoft 365 business account.

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