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Define your sales pipeline from receiving a lead all the way through pitching and closing. Use our template or create your own, giving your team access to email templates, useful documents, and more!

So your campaigns are up and running and leads are flowing into the top of your pipeline. So what's next? Define what your sales pipeline looks like, from receiving a response, all the way down to the dotted line!

Creating a structured journey in Deal Navigator helps your team find the information they need when they need it and supports them with any changes that might happen. Introducing a new pricing structure? Just add your new pricing into the appropriate stage of your pipeline and everyone will have easy access to this and know where to find it in a pinch!

Plus, if your campaign is bringing in enough leads for you to expand your team, Deal Navigator can help them learn your process and get up to speed super fast. Including useful hints and tips from others in the team can also support newer employees' development, by answering questions they might have.

When you first go to Deal Navigator, you will have the option to choose between creating a Blank Playbook from scratch or using our Sales Playbook.

Below we'll look at using and editing the Sales Playbook template, but the process is similar either way. You may want to start with the template to have a look at how this is formed and structured to give you a guide.

Once you've made your selection, click Continue.

You will then be in the Playbook view mode. From here you can access all the information in the funnel. Click on stages to view the cards created for this stage. For example, below you will see cards that are added to the Sales Playbooks Pre-Pitch Stage:

From the top right, you have options to:

  • RESET: delete the current Playbook you have and start again (you will be able to start with a blank template or the Sales Playbook template as before). If you click this, you will be asked to confirm you want the current Deal Navigator deleted by typing RESET and clicking Confirm.

Resetting a Playbook does not remove any documents that were included in the playbook from Outbase and these will still be accessible through Sales Resources.

  • Edit mode: This allows you to add, remove and edit content within the deal navigator, so you can start working on the perfect sales funnel.

From the edit mode you can add additional stages (Add stage button top right), add new cards to those stages (orange plus button at the bottom of the stage), as well as edit already created cards.

Where cards are already included you will see buttons to:

  • Edit (pencil icon)

  • Move the card up (up-arrow button)

  • Move the card down (down-arrow button)

  • Delete (trash can icon)

Use these to adapt the template cards through our Sales Playbook template, or to update your own cards if you change or update your sales process.

When you are adding or editing an already created card, you have the options to include different elements:

  • Title: Give your card a title to make it clear what information is included in it.

  • Paragraph: Include general text as a paragraph element.

  • Quote: Include text as a quoted element, like this is here!

  • Attachment: Add attachments to your cards, so your team can find the documents specific to this stage of your sales process.

  • Image: Add images to your cards that the team might need, or just to keep things engaging!

  • Video: Add videos to your cards. These could be short instructional videos to help your team or recorded example responses to commonly as questions. Using videos is also a great way to remind your team of your Organizations style and tone.

Once you've made your changes to the card, click Save.

Continue to build and work on your sales playbook and remember to review it to ensure your team is all singing from the same sheet and that that sheet is hot off the press, not dogeared and wrinkled!

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