View your conversations with prospects directly in an inbox style view, filtering by campaign, email account, and response type to really get a view of what's going on.

See the conversations between your prospects and your Organization, all in one place.

In contrast to the Inbox view, here you will only see emails that have been categorized as a Positive Response (green circle), Referral (purple circle), Deferred Interest (yellow circle), or Decline (red circle). Without anything else cluttering your view.

Filter the view using the filters at the top to see just conversations from a specific campaign, email account, and with a certain response type, or search for a prospect using the search box. Giving you a clear overview of all your campaign responses, so you can make sure you are on top of every lead.

Click on a prospect in the left-hand panel to bring up the conversation thread, as well as details about the prospect's company and social media links, where known.

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