Add Signature & Compliance Statement

Add an email signature with a compliance statement to the account to include this in your emails.

Now you've connected the email account, let's add a signature and compliance statement.

1. In the signature section add the signature for the account, either by copying and pasting it into the box or by creating one in the editor. 2. We also recommend adding a compliance statement, with an unsubscribe option and link to your privacy policy. To do this, simply select one of the suggested messages from the drop-down box on the right, add your privacy policy URL, and click Add statement.

By including a compliance statement Outbase will automatically stop sending emails to any prospects who click the unsubscribe link. This information will be available for you to export and keep for your records. For further details on this see the Exclusions section of our User Guide.

3. Click Save Changes.

Once you've saved your email account information, Outbase will automatically test the connection again and you'll see a notification in the bottom right of the screen.

In the below screenshots:

Notification 1 on the left shows the email account has been successfully added to Outbase, and the connection tests have been successful - your email is not set up and ready to start sending!

Notification 2 on the right shows the email account has been successfully added to Outbase, but the connection tests have not been successful and the account is not connected - Outbase will not be able to send emails from the account.

If you receive a notification that your email account has not been connected, you will need to go back and check the account details again. For more help with this, see the Email Account Manager section of our User Guide.

If you're experiencing any issues adding your account, please reach out to our support team through the live chat, or by emailing

And that's it - you're done and your email address is connected and ready to start reaching out to your ideal prospects!

Now, let's get started and set up your first campaign...

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