Email Account Manager

Add, edit, delete, and test the connection of your email accounts.

The Email Account Manager gives you an overview of all the email accounts on your Outbase account.

From here you can search for specific accounts directly, or filter by accounts that are assigned to a specific user on the account, as multiple addresses can be assigned to one user.

From here you can also add, edit, delete, and test the connection of your accounts.

If you're adding your first email account, or need some help with adding a new one, the Add an Email Account section of our Getting Started Guide shows you how to do this, including specific details for Gmail and Outlook users.

In the Email Account Manager view you will see the following columns:

1. Status A red dot here indicates the account is not connected - check the account details and test the connection to try and diagnose the problem. Email accounts may also disconnect if they haven't been used by Outbase in some time - check and resave the details to reconnect. A green dot indicates the account is connected.

Can't get your account to connect? If you're having difficulties or require some additional support, reach out to us directly through the chat box in Outbase or email us at

2. Email account Shows the email address used.

3. Owner Shows the user that the account is assigned to. Multiple email addresses can be assigned to the same user, and may be used, if large numbers of emails are being delivered from one sales agent. For example, if John Smith is your sales agent he may have the accounts,,, and all connected and assigned to him.

4. Type Shows how the email account is connected (currently only SMTP is supported).

5. Last date used Shows the last date the email account was used to send an email through Outbase.

6. No. of campaigns Shows the number of campaigns the account is linked to, as email accounts can be used in multiple campaigns.

7. Messages per day Shows the limit you have set for the number of messages the account can send per day (we recommend 500).

8. Total emails sent Shows the total number of emails sent from the account. This is across any campaigns where it is used and includes initial emails and follow-ups.

9. Actions From here you can:

Test Connection (conversion icon): Click here if the email account isn't connected to see if the IMAP settings are correct. When there is a red dot to the left of the email account, as shown on (1) in the screenshot below:

Use the Test Connection button to look into the issue. If you receive an error like the below, this means the SMTP / IMAP settings for the account are not correct.

Check your account details, by clicking the edit button to the right of the account you want to change, and check through the details you have provided. Things to look out for include:

  • Is your email address spelled correctly?

  • Are the SMTP and IMAP settings correct? You may need to check this with your email provider.

  • Have you used the correct password?

    • If you are using your own password, have you spelled this correctly?

    • If you are using an app password, did you copy and paste the full code properly?

Once you've made any changes, click through Next: Add Signature, then Save Changes.

If you have checked all the above statements and are still having issues adding your account, please reach out to our support team through the live chat, or by emailing and someone will be able to assist you.

Edit (pencil icon): Use this if you have made changes to your account (e.g. changed your email account password), and need to update this, or change your account signature.

When editing an email account's details, this is split across two pages:

Email Account: changes to passwords on this page are automatically updated, but for other changes such as SMTP settings you will need to continue through Next: Add signature and then Save changes. Signature: here you can update your signature and add a compliance statement, with an unsubscribe link to include this in your campaign emails.

Delete (trashcan icon): Click this if you want to remove the account from Outbase click this button and then confirm by clicking Yes in the pop-up window. This will also remove the account from any campaigns it is being used by.

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