Create a Campaign

Now you've added an email account, let's dive straight in and set up your first campaign.

Campaigns are where you specify everything related to your prospecting messages - who to send to, what to send, and when to send. The steps below will run you through the basics of getting a campaign up and running, using our recommended defaults. For more details regarding all of the available settings, check out the Campaigns section of the User Guide.

Creating a campaign from scratch is simple and tailored to your needs. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Step 1: Start Your Campaign

  • Go to Campaigns: In the navigation menu, click "Campaigns" then "Campaign Manager."

  • Create a New Campaign: Click "Create Campaign" in the top right corner.

Step 2: Name Your Campaign

  • Give It a Name: Type in something catchy like "New Business - Outbase."

  • Move Forward: Click "Enter & Continue."

Step 3: Set Up Your Campaign

Now you're ready to fine-tune the details on your Campaign page.

Connect your contacts list

  • Link your contact list to decide who you’ll reach out to.

Craft your Messages

  • Personalize your messaging approach: Write messages that speak directly to your audience. You'll decide what to say and the sequence of your messages.

Schedule & Send

  • Pick a Time: Decide when your emails will be sent and link the email account you’ll use for sending.

That’s it! You’ve laid the groundwork for your campaign. Each of these steps has its own detailed guide, making it easy to get everything just right. Now you're all set to launch a campaign that hits the mark.

You will now see your Campaign page, where you can start configuring your messaging, scheduler, and audiences.

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