How to sign up?

Let's get you signed up and ready to start using Outbase!

So, you're ready to skyrocket your sales? Excellent, let's get you signed up for an account.

How to Sign Up

  1. Go to Outbase sign-up page.

  1. Select your sign-up method:

    Choose how to create your Outbase account:

    • Email Registration: Fill in your name, email, and password. This requires email verification for account security.

    • Google Sign-Up: Opt for a swift sign-up by selecting "Sign up with Google," bypassing manual data entry and email verification.

  2. Verify your email: If using email, check your inbox for a verification link. Note: Google sign-ups skip this step.

  3. Set up and confirm your company details: When you sign in, you will be prompted to fill/review your company details.

  1. Invite your team: Optionally, invite team members by entering their emails and roles, then click "Invite & finish."

You already have an account? Proceed to the sign-in page.

For more information about users see the User Roles section of the User Guide.

Did you forget to add people from your team? No worries, you can add, change, or remove users at any time. See the Team Management section of the User Guide for more information.

Just finished setting up your account? Awesome, you're all set for the exciting part! Depending on the choices you made during onboarding, it's time to dive into getting your first campaign live. 🚀

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