Keep your campaigns compliant by adding your company's current exclusions, as well as track prospects excluded as a responder and unsubscribes.

Whether your Organization already has a list of people and companies not to contact, or not, Outbase allows you to quickly and easily add exclusions to your account at any time.

Although "exclusions" sounds like a negative word, aside from people who have requested not to be contacted by your Organization, you might also want to include current clients, partners, active sales engagements, or competitors to your exclusions list, so they won't be contacted by any of your campaigns.

There are two different types of exclusion in Outbase:

  • Email Exclusions: individual email addresses that will stop Outbase from sending any emails to that specific address. For example, if you were to add john.smith@outbase.com to your exclusions then this would stop emails being sent to this address, but we would still contact other individuals at Outbase, like emma.jones@outbase.com.

  • Domain Exclusions: domain level exclusions will stop Outbase from sending to any people with the excluded email ID. For example, if you were to add outbase.com as a domain exclusion this would stop Outbase from sending to anyone with an @outbase.com email address, including John and Emma from the above example!

Any prospect who responds to your emails, or clicks the unsubscribe link in your email is automatically added as an exclusion, and won’t receive any further emails from your campaigns.

Need some help adding exclusions? The Exclusions (Optional) section of Getting Started takes you through adding exclusions in a few simple steps.

Email and Domain Exclusions can be reviewed by you at any time and you can remove these manual exclusions by clicking delete (trashcan icon), to the right of the exclusion you want to remove. This can be useful if you have excluded companies or individuals that were previously customers, or that you had in your pipeline some time ago, but would now like to try and connect with other prospects at this company.

Apart from Email Exclusions and Domain Exclusions, the Exclusions page also has columns for Responder Exclusions and Unsubscribes.

Prospects who respond to your campaign emails are automatically added as a Responder Exclusion, meaning they won’t receive any further emails from your campaign(s).

Unsubscribes records any prospect who clicks the unsubscribe link in your emails in a similar way, to prevent any further emails from being sent to them.

All of the data here is exportable at any time for your records, as a CSV file, using the Export buttons in the relevant columns.

You can also search your exclusions using the search box in the top right corner.

Responder Exclusions and Unsubscribes cannot be removed from your exclusions. Reach out to our Support team through our in-app chat or email support@outbase.com if you think there has been an error with these exclusions.

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