Example Template Request

Need some inspiration for what to include in your template brief? Let's break it down with an example order flow.

Ready to have our fabulous team of content writers craft you the perfect introductory note that will really get your brand and offering noticed? Then you're in the write place (see what we did there?!).

To order a template, from the email templates page, in the top right corner (or write corner? - sorry, we'll stop now!) click Order Template.

Give your template a name - this will only be seen by the writer and you, not by any prospects, and can be changed later, so don't worry too much about this. Then choose what the goal of the template is from the following options, to let the writer know what your call to action is:

1. Meeting Good if you are prospecting in your local area and can offer the opportunity to meet face to face to establish a relationship up-front. Meetings are generally accepted as a slightly more formal call to action.

2. Coffee Less formal than a meeting, offering to meet for a coffee can be a great way to position yourself if you are prospecting in your local area and meet for an introduction.

3. Phone Call/Video Call ⭐ Most Popular ⭐ Phone/video calls are the most widely used call to action in a prospecting template. Asking if someone can spare a few minutes on a call (although you'll always hope for more if there's a fit) is generally quite unintrusive and gives you the opportunity to say hi and learn more about the prospect and their needs before running a full sales pitch.

4. Referral to decision maker Used when you aren't targeting the right person but you're asking to be put in touch with them. You might use this if you are targeting PA's/EA's or if the job role you are targeting generally doesn't manage their own inbox. You might also have this as a goal if you are looking for a partnership approach, for example asking be referred to another Organization's clients if your service compliments what they do.

5. Direct to website Use this if you are asking the prospect to go through to your website, for example, to sign up for a webinar, to complete a questionnaire, etc. Please note that with these call to actions, as you are not asking the prospect to reply, responses and lead rates are below our averages, and you may need to update your exclusion lists daily with the contact details of people that have signed up, or completed the questionnaire, to avoid them receiving follow up emails.

6. General dialogue (i.e. ask a specific question) This would generally be the goal of a campaign focused on brand awareness or market research, where you aren't selling a product or service, but you are trying to get some information from the prospect about themselves or their company. While this isn't likely to produce qualified leads, this information may then be used to supplement your lead generation in other ways.

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Targeting Criteria

Now, you're going to give some detail to the writer about who you will be targeting. Our team has experience with crafting emails for everyone, from Assistants to CEO's, Directors to Interns, and everything in between, so by letting them know who the email will be sent to, they can tailor their tone and personalization to your audience.

The targeting information is broken down into the following:


Industry Give a brief overview of the types of industries you are targeting, separated by commas. This could be a full list of industries from your targeting:

Accounting, Animation, Architecture & Planning, Biotechnology, Broadcast Media, Building Materials, Business Supplies and Equipment, Capital Markets, Chemicals, Civil Engineering, Commercial Real Estate, Computer & Network Security, Computer Hardware, Computer Networking, Computer Software, Construction, Dairy, Defense & Space, Design, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, Entertainment, Events Services, Executive Office, Facilities Services, Farming, Financial Services, Fishery, Food Production, Glass, Ceramics & Concrete, Graphic Design, Hospitality, Human Resources, Import and Export, Industrial Automation, Information Services, Information Technology and Services, Insurance, International Affairs, International Trade and Development, Internet, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Law Practice, Legal Services, Logistics and Supply Chain, Machinery, Management Consulting, Maritime, Market Research, Marketing and Advertising, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Media Production, Medical Devices, Mining & Metals, Motion Pictures and Film, Nanotechnology, Nonprofit Organization Management, Oil & Energy, Online Media, Outsourcing/Offshoring, Package/Freight Delivery, Packaging and Containers, Paper & Forest Products, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Printing, Professional Training & Coaching, Program Development, Public Relations and Communications, Publishing, Railroad Manufacture, Ranching, Renewables & Environment, Research, Security and Investigations, Semiconductors, Shipbuilding, Staffing and Recruiting, Textiles, Think Tanks, Translation and Localization, Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Warehousing, Wholesale, Wireless, Writing and Editing

Or an overview of the industries:

B2B businesses

Company Size Select the company sizes you are targeting from the ranges in the drop-down box.


Job Titles Give a brief overview of the job titles you are targeting - including departments and levels of seniority.

Owners and Founders (shows standalone job roles) Marketing & Sales/Business Development roles (shows the departments) Management level + (shows the seniorities)

Location Include the locations are you targeting, either by country or region. This can help the writers tailor this to the areas you are targeting, for example, if you are only targeting the USA, they will know to use English (US) spelling and grammar.

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Now we know who we're targeting, now we need to provide the writers with information about what you are offering them.

We recommend templates being between 100-250 words in length, so focus on your main selling points here and try to avoid going into too much detail. If you list 100 things you can offer the prospects, our team could choose their top 3 and they might not be the ones you would have highlighted. But if you only include the top 3 ways you can help, then these are much more likely to be presented in your template.

Website Does your offering have a specific webpage? Then put this here! Make sure our team can use this link to get the most accurate information about the product or service you are promoting in the template.

Organization Information Include a bit of an intro to your Organization, what you do, and what sets you apart. An example for Outbase might look like this:

Organization Information:

What Outbase does: Outbase is a SaaS self-serve platform that allows Organizations to set up and run prospecting campaigns to find new business and hit their sales targets. Designed for Organizations big and small, it's easy to set-up, with powerful insights and reporting to make analysising performance easy as well as providing a central hub for all your sales resources. We're with you through the whole sales journey, from outreach, to response, to pich, to deal closed.

What sets us apart: Designed for non-technical users, making it as easy as possible to create and launch campaigns. Outbase draws on over 6 years of experience of prospecting, across a team of over 200 prospecting experts in tech, data science, AI, compliance, copywriting, sales, and marketing! We've sent over 25m emails, so we know what works. From improving open rates to assessing your email content, we prvide valuable insights to get your offer noticed by the right people in the right businesses.

Messaging Objectives Now we know a bit more about who you are, let's get down to the good stuff. Let the writers know more about what you are offering and why this is of use to your prospects. Try to include information about: Why is this relevant to the targeted prospects and how will you help them? What USPs, selling points, or competitive advantages do you offer? Are there any companies you’ve worked with that you would like included as namedrops? An example for Outbase would be:

Messaging Objectives: Why is Outbase relevant to the targeted prospects and how will Outbase help them? Offering to help prospects find and connect with qualified leads. Once the campaign is running, you will recieve leads directly into your inbox to pick up just as you would any other sales enquiry. Our reporting feature allows you to test new markets and refine your campaign to maximise your return. Added benefit: Deal Navigator allows you to create a sales process after a lead is recieved, allowing you to maximise your sales funnel and train new employees quickly, meaning you can grow faster.

Any USPs, selling points or competitive advantages you offer. CRM integration - Outbase connects directly with HubSpot to reduce admin time. Order a template directly from our team of copywriting experts. Customer success and support team on hand to help with any questions you might have.

Any companies you’ve worked with that you would like included as namedrops. The Agency Collective, Matrix Marketing, Examagram and Word + Pixel

Using namedrops can be very powerful in a template, especially if they are known brands. But if you can't use any namedrops for any reason, or you just don't want to, no worries, just don't include them in your request 👍.

Notes Include in this section any additional information you would like the writer to know. For example, if you are targeting both UK and USA, you might want to specify if you'd like the template in UK or US English.

Please use US English

If you want to send in UK and US with both their relevant spellings, you don't need to buy two templates! Just request one in either form, then copy and paste the content into a new template and update the spelling yourself 😉!

Attachments Include any small attachments that give detail about your offering, such as one-pagers or sales decks used by your team to show the value of your product or service. Avoid attaching large files, technical manuals, or full brochures that could distract the writers from the main details you have provided.

When you're finished, click Next.


And that's it - all that's left is to review your order summary, check payment details and your request will be winging its way off to our team. Now just sit back and in 2 business days, you'll be able to add a fresh new template to your Outbase campaign!

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