What's in an Outbase Template?

Struggling with what to write in your first email? Don't stress - our team of trusted copywriters has got you covered.

We all know what it feels like, staring at the email template screen, not knowing what to write, or even worse, having copied and pasted bits that describe who you are, what you do and how it can benefit your prospects all into the template box and realizing it's not coherent or engaging!

That's where Outbase's amazing copywriting team can step in.

They specialize in crafting the perfect introductory email for products and services like yours, and with over 6 years of experience and millions of emails delivered, our success is based on real data.

Benefits of using an Outbase template include:

  • Increased open rates

  • 4x higher response rates

So what's the secret? Our templates are:

  • Simple, concise, and easy to understand

  • Warm and conversational

  • Personalized and situational

  • Direct and specific

  • Designed to feel like a 1:1 message

But the best thing is that you don't have to write them!

For a one-off fee, we’ll create the perfect email to get those conversations started and invite prospects into the first step of your sales process. Templates are then yours for good.

All it takes is a few quick clicks where you confirm your campaign targeting and goals and within 2 business days, you’ll have an awesome template ready to go.

Our Example Template Request on the next page, will take you through the process and show you an example request.

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