Getting Around

What's the best way to find your way around in Outbase? Let's look at both the menus available to get you started...

There are 2 menus in Outbase that will help you get around:

Let's look at how we can use these to navigate in Outbase.

The main navigation menu is located to the left of the screen that shows you all the options available for you to set up, run and monitor a campaign. Hover on the menu to expand this menu and see the descriptions for the icons.

When expanded you will see the following selections, click any of the links to be taken to the User Guide for that page:

1. Dashboard Get a summary of all your all-time stats, or filter this to a set time period, giving you a quick and visual overview of what's happening with your campaigns.

2. Inbox This is where every response to your campaigns will land - giving you an overview of all your responses as well as where you can categorize responses to track lead rates.

3. Campaigns Create, start, pause, edit, and compare your campaigns, all in one place!

4. Data & Targeting Use our Audience Builder to find and target the ideal audience for your campaign, or upload your own contacts to send your campaigns to.

5. Email Templates Add your email content, using your own copy, or call on our specialist copywriting team for support*, and review the performance of these over time to see where your leads are coming from.

* Outbase templates are available to buy for a one-off set fee and can be sent to as many prospects as you want!

6. Email Accounts Add and manage the email accounts used to send your prospecting emails.

7. All Prospects Find out what's been happening at prospect or company level across your campaigns, with a breakdown of information to help you learn more about who you've been contacting.

8. Reports Where the magic happens! Always be in the know about how your campaigns are performing with detailed breakdowns by industry, company sizes, month, etc.

9. Sales View your leads and conversations all in one place, as well as add useful documents to give your team easy access to the files they need when they need them!

10. Deal Navigator Define your sales pipeline from receiving a lead all the way through pitching and closing. Use our template or create your own, giving your team access to email templates, useful documents, and more!

11. Compliance With answers to frequently asked compliance questions, and privacy policy samples, we provide resources to help you make sure your campaigns are compliant.

12. CRM Integrate Outbase with your CRM to ensure all the data from your campaigns goes directly into it, freeing you up to focus on what you do best!

Header Menu

The main navigation menu is located at the top of the screen and gives you access to your acount and Organization settings, as well as a view of your plan and available credits.

1. Search bar

Need to find something quickly? Use the search bar to search for prospects, companies, and campaigns in your Outbase account.

2. Credit Usage Bar

Your credits usage bar shows you at-a-glance details about your plan and your monthly credit usage. The examples above show:

a. This credit bar shows a plan on a free trial with 17 days remaining. They have 100/100 credits remaining, and the Upgrade Now button allows you to quickly and easily upgrade to one of our paid plans.

b. This credit bar shows an Organization on our Start-Up plan with 26 days remaining in their month. They have 500/500 credits remaining and in 26 days any unused credit will be reset and another month's credits added to the account.

3. Notifications

Here you'll receive notifications from Outbase regarding your campaigns and account.

Notifications with a red tab indicate an action may be required on your side (e.g. in the above example a contact was not imported to an audience). Notifications with a green tab are just information, with no actions needed (e.g. the above is letting you know all contacts have been added to your audience. For more information see the Notifications section of the User Guide.

4. Help & Getting Started

Here you'll find help and support for setting up your first campaign and using Outbase. From the Getting Started Checklist with options to read our guide, follow a tour or watch a video to help you get up and running with Outbase, through to a link to the full User Documentation (opens in a new tab) to provide self-service support, when you need it.

Getting Started with your first campaign couldn't be easier, and our Getting Started Guide has everything you need to start skyrocketing your sales. Find out more about what's available here in the Help & Getting Started section of the User Guide.

5. Account and Organization Settings

Here you'll find:

a. Your account information, with your name, email, and job title (if you've entered this) displayed. Click to go to your Account Settings, where you can update your information and change your password.

Find out more about what's available here in the Account Settings section of the User Guide.

b. Link to your Organization Settings, where you can edit information about your Organization, manage your team, and view and edit your billing and payment information.

Learn more about these options in the Organization Settings section of the User Guide.

c. Link to Switch Organizations. If you are a member of more than one Organization you will be able to hover over your current Organization (Demo in the screenshot above), and a list of other Organizations will appear for you to choose to move to. You can also click All Organizations to go to your My Organizations page, which will display all the Organizations you are a part of.

If you are only associated with one Organization in Outbase these options may not be visible to you.

d. Use the logout link to log out of your Outbase account.

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