May 2024

We are excited to introduce two new options in Outbase: Log prospect response and Reveal prospect mobile number.

These enhancements are designed to ensure you have an up-to-date status for your engagements and access to essential contact information.

New Features

Here’s a more detailed overview of what’s new:

Logging and tracking prospect response


The option to log the engagement outcome with a prospect, allows you to manually record the outcome or current state of your engagements with specific prospects. This feature is especially useful when prospects have not responded through the usual email channel, enabling you to maintain accurate and comprehensive records of all interactions.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate Status Updates: Ensure that the status of your engagement with prospects is always current, even if they haven't replied via email.

  • Comprehensive Engagement Records: Document details of the engagement, including the channel used and the outcome.

Reveal Prospect Phone Number


The option to reveal the phone number for a specific prospect allows you to contact the prospect of interest via a different channel, other than email.

If a phone number is not available, the system will not charge you any credits.

This feature is available only for paid customers. Reaching out to these phone numbers will need to be done manually, as there is no call provider integration at this time.

Key Benefits:

  • Essential Contact Information: Access phone numbers for direct communication with your prospects.

  • No Unnecessary Charges: The system will not charge you credits if a mobile phone number is not revealed.

  • Improved Outreach: Enhance your engagement strategies with direct phone contact.

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