April 2024

New Feature

Re-engagement of Prospects

We are excited to unveil a major enhancement to our platform, that empowers users to leverage the insights gained from initial prospecting campaigns to reengage prospects in new campaigns, with customized communication strategies.

Whether through varied initial emails, fresh conversational starts, or special offers, this feature is designed to make your marketing efforts more personalized and effective, thus increasing your chances of converting prospects into clients.

Conditions for Re-engagement

It's important to note that prospects who have replied to a specific campaign email are no longer eligible to be moved to another campaign. This ensures that only the most relevant and unengaged prospects are targeted for re-engagement.

Detailed steps for Re-engagement

Tip: Before starting to move prospects, make sure the campaign intended for re-engagement has been created.

  1. Navigate to your desired campaign: Begin by selecting the campaign from which you wish to re-engage prospects.

  2. Access the β€˜Prospects’ tab: Click on the "Prospects" tab, found within the Campaign Details, to view the list of prospects associated with that campaign.

  3. Filter Prospects: Identify the prospects you aim to re-engage based on criteria such as link clicks, email opens, or lack of replies.

  4. Select Prospects: Refine your selection by using multiple selections to specify exactly which prospects to re-engage.

  5. Initiate Move: Click the 'Move' button, accessible only in the prospects view of the specific campaign, to start the transfer process.

  6. Choose Campaign: Select where you wish to move the selected prospects.

  7. Confirm Transfer: Finalize the process by confirming the transfer.

Enhanced Reporting and Statistics

This update introduces a new term in our reporting: Engagement, and explains how it has affected other key metrics used across the system related to campaign performance.

For instance, if a prospect was communicated through two different campaigns, the system will show two total engagements for that prospect.

Engagement: Total count of first-time emails you've sent, to new prospects and those you're reconnecting with.

Emails Delivered

The total count of emails, including initial and follow-up messages, that have been successfully delivered to your prospects across all campaigns.

Total Open Rate

Calculates the number of opens by prospects against the number of emails delivered, offering insights into the general interest level across campaigns.

Unique Open Rate

Measures the number of opens by prospects, in relation to their total engagements with first-time emails, across campaigns.

Total Click Rate

Total number of clicks by prospects, on links within emails delivered across all campaigns, providing a comprehensive view of overall engagement.

Unique Click Rate

Compares the number of unique clicks by prospects against their total engagements across campaigns.

Response and Lead Rates

Percentage of engagements that have resulted in a reply to your email(s), including leads and declines.

Prospects and Companies' Views

The overall views for prospects and companies have been updated to show the latest status and activity of a specific prospect in their current campaign.

Campaign-specific prospect action details

Within a specific campaign, the prospects tab shows all prospect actions related to that campaign. A moved prospect will be grayed out in the original campaign but will still reflect any actions attributed to the emails of that campaign.


This update marks a significant enhancement in how users can strategize and execute their marketing campaigns, offering unprecedented flexibility in prospect engagement. By enabling the strategic re-engagement of prospects with tailored communication strategies, our platform empowers users to optimize their marketing efforts and achieve superior engagement and conversion results.

As always, we're here to support your success and welcome any feedback on these new features. Dive in, explore the possibilities, and elevate your marketing campaigns to new heights!

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