The calendar gives you an easy monthly or weekly overview of when your campaigns are active and sending.

The Campaign Calendar allows you to review the scheduling across your campaigns, as well as filter this by campaign or by email account.

The filters on the left allow you to update this view to show only selected campaigns, or to show only campaigns being sent from a specific email account.

In the above screenshot you can see days marked 1, 2, and 3, where:

1. Past date: Campaigns are shown in faded color, with light text. 2. Today's date: Campaigns are shown in full color with white writing. 3. Future date: Campaigns are shown in white with color writing.

This is to show where sends have already happened (past), are happening (today), and are scheduled to happen (future).

On all of these days, we can see 2 separate campaigns are active as there are two separate text boxes. If you have more than two campaigns active on a day, you may see a +1/+2/+3 etc. below that you can click to view all active campaigns on a specific date.

Outbase automatically displays in month view, but you can change to a week view from the top right, which shows in more detail what time sends are active between.

From the above screenshot, we can see that sends are scheduled to send today (Tue 6/7) between 09:30am and 4:00pm, and also on the Wed, Thu, and Fri of this week. We can also see that sends from yesterday (Mon 6/6) actually sent between 09:00am and 03:00pm - because these sends have finished, the calendar view will give you a real-time view of when they started and finished.

You can click on any of the campaigns to bring up the campaign details:

This shows:

1. Campaign: name of the campaign you have selected.

2. Showing for: the date you are currently viewing for the campaign details for.

3. Scheduled start and end times: (as per the campaign settings), this will be shown for past, future, and today's date campaigns. First and last send times (the actual times the campaign was sent between - not shown in the screenshot above), this will only be shown for past dates when this data is available.

4. Processed: this area shows you a breakdown of successful sends, as well as how many were initial sends (new prospects) and how many were follow-ups.

Please note that the number of processed emails may fluctuate slightly in the 24-48 hours after the daily sends. This is due to adjustments when undelivered responses are received. For example, if today's date shows 50 emails sent, but then tomorrow shows 48, this means in the time between you checking Outbase has received 2 undelivered emails from prospects, removed these from your daily sends, and re-credited these to your account (if the data was found through our Audience Builder).

5. View report details: clicking this will take you to the Send Reports for this day, which gives a more detailed breakdown of what emails were sent and which encountered errors when sending. With any errors, you will also be able to see a description of what caused the error, which can be useful for avoiding this happening again in the future.

For more details on Send Reports and how to use these when there have been errors, see the Send Reports section of our User Guide.

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