Add your custom domain to Outbase to track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes on your side and fully whitelabel your campaign.

Outbase has an in-built tracking system, that allows you to track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes for emails send through your campaigns. While it's not necessary to add your own domain to Outbase, we do recommend this to users on a paid plan, particularly when sending high daily volumes on their campaigns.

Adding and verifying the domains you are using to send prospecting emails through Outbase, has a number of benefits:

  • Allows you to track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes on your own domain. Tracking these on your side means these can be used by any analytics software you are using.

  • Fully white-labels your emails with your domain links. Adding a custom domain will enable Outbase to send links in your emails using your domain, to boost your branding, make the outreach more authentic, and help your emails reach the prospects inbox rather than spam filter.

  • It can also help you establish your domain's own sending reputation, both inside and outside of Outbase, which can lead to improved email delivery rates.

Add a Domain

Whenever an email account is added to Outbase with a new domain, this domain will appear on the Domains page, with a message saying the domain is not yet verified.

To verify and add your domain:

1. From the Domains page, click the edit button (pencil icon), to the right of the domain you want to setup.

2. A pop-p will appear with instructions on what to do. The first step is to add a CNAME record in your DNS server that points to:

Not sure how to add a CNAME record? The steps will vary depending on your hosting provider, but most will be found in the domain's DNS settings. For more information:

ā€¢ Godaddy support: Add a CNAME record ā€¢ Cloudflare support: Understanding a CNAME Setup ā€¢ A2 Hosting support: How to use the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel

Or search your providers' support center for more assistance.

3. Once you have added the CNAME record, in Outbase update the record name if needed (Outbase recommends using the name em, for email, but you can name your CNAME record anything you like, and update here as appropriate).

We recommend keeping CNAME records short, as this will appear in links in your emails. E.g. Using the Outbase domain and setting up a CNAME with em, would show the URL: If the CNAME record had a longer name, e.g. emailcampaign, this would show the URL:

4. Once this is all updated, click Verify. If the CNAME record is set up correctly and the domain is verified then a green tick will appear. Once this is verified click Save.

When you return to the Domains page your domain should appear with a check icon in the DNS verified column.

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