Set up your Messaging Sequence

Let's start by adding the content of the emails you will be sending as well as setting the wait time between emails.

Adding emails to your campaign is a key step in engaging your prospects effectively. Here's a simplified, step-by-step guide to help you through this process, including how to create personalized messages using Outbase AI writer.

Step 1: Add your Initial email

  1. Start setting up your message sequence:

    • Click Configure in the Messaging section to access the sequence editor view.

  2. Add your first message:

    • Hover over the plus sign and click the email icon to start crafting your first message.

  3. Create your initial message:

    • Select an existing template from the right or click New template to create a fresh one.

  4. Personalize the message:

    • Name your template, add a subject line, and write your email content. Utilize variables for personalization.

  5. Save Your Template:

    • Click Publish to save the template, and add it to your sequence.

Step 2: Set Wait time between emails

  1. Add a Wait Time:

    • Hover over the plus sign again and click the wait (clock) icon.

  1. Decide the Wait Period:

    • Set the number of days to wait before the next email is sent. A 6-day gap is recommended for diversity in contact days.

Step 3: Adding Follow-up emails

Follow-ups are used as a nudge or chase on the initial email, in case this was overlooked by the prospect. We recommend keeping these short, with the original email included in the thread below. An example sequence of follow-ups would be:

Follow-Up 1 - Quick reminder e.g. "Just in case you missed the below..." Follow-Up 2 - Check they are the correct contact e.g. "If you're not the right person, is there someone else I could reach out to...?" Follow-Up 3 - Ask if there's a better time to reach out e.g. "As this might not be on your radar right now, is there a better time to follow-up...?"

  1. Add More Emails:

    • Repeat the process of adding emails for follow-ups. Hover over the plus and click the email icon.

  2. Create Follow-up Templates:

    • Use or create new templates for each follow-up email, focusing on nudges or reminders.

  3. Edit and Save Follow-ups:

    • In the editor, adjust your follow-up content as needed and click Save Template.

  4. Build your Sequence:

    • Continue adding wait times and follow-up emails until your sequence is complete.

  5. Finalize Your Sequence:

    • Click the Save button at the bottom once all elements are added.

Using Outbase AI Writer for Personalized Messages

  • To create personalized messages with Outbase AI writer, select the option for AI writing assistance when crafting or editing your email templates. Input your campaign goals and target audience characteristics, and the AI will generate tailored content for you. This ensures your messages resonate more deeply with your prospects.

  • By following these steps, you'll have a well-structured email sequence that effectively communicates with your prospects, from the initial outreach to follow-up reminders. Remember, personalization and timing are key to engaging your audience and driving your campaign's success.

For more information about how to write your perfect first email, see the Email Content section of our Prospecting Tips and Tricks. Need some help with variables? See Variables in the Email Templates section of the User Guide for more information.

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