View your leads all in one place and separated into their specific category of Positive Response, Referral, or Deferred interest.

The Leads view gives you a quick insight into where your responses have been coming from, and what types of lead responses you have received the most of.

Our definitions of the different types of lead responses are given below:

  • Positive response - someone responding positively to your email's call to action.

  • Deferred interest - someone either asking for further information or asking you to reach out again in a few months.

  • Referral - someone saying they aren't the best point of contact for what you are offering, but pointing you in the direction of someone else in the company who would be interested.

For more detail and examples of the above, see the Categorizing Responses section of Monitoring Campaigns.

The data from any of these columns can be exported by clicking the Export button into a CSV format.

Clicking on the company name from this view will take you to the Company Activity Details, where you can see all the touchpoints between your campaigns and the company.

Clicking on the Date of Response will bring up a pop-up with information about the prospect, and the email thread with the prospect's response.

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