Everything you need to know about SPF, what is SPF record and how to add an SPF record in your DNS hosting

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is used to authenticate the legitimacy of the sender, meaning it is an email-authentication technique that is used to prevent spammers from sending messages on behalf of your domain.

SPF record explained

By adding an SPF record to your Domain Name System (DNS), you can provide a public list of senders that are approved to send emails from your domain.

An SPF record is a DNS TXT record containing a list of the IP addresses that are allowed to send emails on behalf of your domain.

How to create an SPF record

The steps for configuring an SPF record vary and depend on the hosting platform your domain uses.

You can use this link to help you create an SPF record. All you need to do is search your host or registry and follow the detailed steps in the link to create an SPF record.

Why should I add an SPF record?

Remember when we discussed how email authentication it’s the bridge built out of trust and respect between the sender and receiver? Well, the SPF record is one of the materials to help you build that bridge – trust.

Bear in mind, SPF will not resolve all your delivery problems, but it will definitely help you eliminate a good portion.

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