With answers to frequently asked compliance questions, and privacy policy samples, we provide resources to help you make sure your campaigns are compliant.

The Compliance Support Center is included to help you ensure your campaigns are operating in a compliant way based on the areas you are prospecting in.

There are 3 different tabs within this page:

  • Compliance Q&A's: We provide some answers to commonly asked compliance questions, but you can also add your own, to support your team.

  • Data Export & Removal: Quickly and easily export data help on a prospect (Subject Access Request SAR) or remove any prospect data held in Outbase (Right to Erasure RTE) when requested.

  • Unsubscribe Settings: Outbase automatically tracks unsubscribes and this can been viewed in Exclusions. Change your settings here if you want to be notified directly of any unsubscribes, or if you are using an external unsubscribe service.

Compliance Q&A's

View answers to commonly asked compliance questions, and search the support center using the search box, or filter by category. Click the expand button (plus icon) to view the answer to the question shown.

We also provide some sample links and documents to the left, to provide assistance with ensuring your campaign is running in a compliant way.

If there is additional compliance support information you would like your team to have access to, you can add your own custom Q&A's. Just click Add Q&A, then put the question, categories you want the question to be assigned to, and answer into the pop up box and click Add Question:

Once this is added, when the view is expanded you will see buttons to edit (pencil icon) or remove (trashcan icon) on the right if you want to make changes or delete.

Got a question that hasn't been answered and need some advice. Our dedicated Data Protection Team can provide guidance on any queries you may have. Reach out to our Support team through our in-app chat or email and we'll try our best to point you in the right direction.

Data Export & Removal

Had a prospect ask you to provide a copy of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you have on file for them and/or remove any data you hold on file about them?

The Data Export & Removal tab allows you to do just this in a few clicks.

1. Put the prospect's email address into the email box and click Search. 2. Select the correct prospect from the Prospects table that appears below. From here you can also switch to the Prospect Activity Log if you want to check the activity between the prospect and your campaign. 3. If the prospect has requested:

  • A copy of all personal data you have stored on them (also known as a Subject Access Request or SAR), click Export all data to download a CSV of all the prospect's data and activity.

  • You to delete all data you have stored on (also known as Right to Erasure or RTE) them click Submit data removal request. You will get a notification in the bottom right of the screen that the request has been submitted.

If you have stored data about this prospect in other formats in your Organization, for example through a CRM integration or in CSV downloads, you will need to ensure this data is also removed from these systems/files.

Unsubscribe Settings

To ensure your campaigns are compliant we strongly recommend including a compliance statement in your campaigns. This can be quickly and easily added to your email signature when you Add an Email Account. By doing this prospects can click on the unsubscribe link to update their preferences, and this data is then stored in Exclusions for your reference.

From the Unsubscribe Settings page you can choose if you would like to notified of every unsubscribe directly, by adding your email address, choosing an attachment password (if you decide to be notified with attachment emails) and clicking Save changes.

If you use an external unsubscribe service to manage your Organization's exclusions, then you can also enable Outbase to send any opt-out requests directly to your provider, by sliding the toggle to enable, adding your external service's URL, and clicking Save changes.

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