October 2022

New features

View an audience's targeting information

Outbase lets you view the targeting criteria for each audience you create. So it's now easier for you to track which audiences perform best for your prospecting campaigns.

Targeting criteria include the following:

  • Company Size

  • Company Industry

  • Company Location

  • Contact Location

  • Job Title

Set the Email Awesomeness Checker to British or American English

When writing personalised email templates, you can check the spelling and the content in different language versions, American or British English. The default language will be British English for all organisations located in the United Kingdom (according to their GEO settings).

Note: These changes are specific to the template you select - you’ll need to apply changes individually to all your templates if you wish to change all.


Campaign scheduling and activation

If a campaign is activated after its scheduled start time, you’ll get a notification that the first email will be sent out the following day. During the scheduling process, past dates will become unclickable, meaning you’ll only be able to choose a current or future campaign start date.

Bug fixes

A bug with the Deal Navigator was identified and fixed, so you’re now able to load up a blank or template salesbook.

Emails were not going out when a prospect had been excluded from an audience after being pulled through to a campaign send list. This has been rectified.

A fix has been implemented for when responses were not syncing and undelivered messages were not appearing, resulting in the user not being credited. An issue was identified where credits were not being assigned to the organisation, if payment was made after an expired billing date. This has now been fixed.

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