Using generic email addresses for sending

When it comes to outreach, using a generic email address these days might give the receiver a bad impression.

Businesses frequently make the error of using email addresses such as,,,, when they are doing their outreach to potential customers.

Using these types of email addresses when reaching out to your prospects through Outbase, not only lacks personality and is unnecessarily generic, but it is also one of the reasons which may flag your email as spam.

The personalized email starts with a personalized email address

It won’t matter much if you’ve crafted the perfect email for your prospects using various variables if you decide to send this email through a generic email address such as For example, let’s say that Steven from Company reached out to you. Would you reply to an email sent from, or would the chances of you replying be much higher if he used his own business email address,

Avoid the spam filters

Your crucial message or response can get lost in the sea of spam. Generic email addresses like the ones mentioned above are more often mistaken for spam, which may prevent your prospects from ever reading what you had to offer. Using an email address which resonates with the person who is reaching out, will not only be a true representation of your brand, but it will also help you get your point through right in the inbox.

When reaching out to a prospect, using a generic email address these days might give the receiver a bad impression. It also puts the emails at a higher risk of being marked as spam. Our recommendation is to look at more personal, friendlier email addresses that are more conversational and match the person who is doing the outreach.

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