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March 2023



We've got some great news to share with you. Our team has been working hard to help you improve your email deliverability and ensure that your emails are reaching their intended recipients. 👨‍💻
New improvement: Configuration Test triggered after adding email account.
Configuration Test triggered at the point of adding your Email Account
This means that you can now easily check if your email account and domain are properly configured and set up, and address any missing records.
Link that takes you to the Configuration Test view where you can see which record is missing.
No more missed opportunities to connect with your prospects! 🤩
A successfully passed Configuration Test for the main authentication standards


Bug Fixes

  • We've got some great news to share with all you inbox warriors out there. We've successfully squashed the bug 🐛 that was stopping you from categorizing all your synced messages in the responder inbox. That's right, every message - even the blank ones - can now be categorized to your heart's content. This means that any messages previously stuck in the unresolved view of your inbox will automatically move to the resolved section, once categorized.📥 We hope this makes your inbox management a little easier and a lot more enjoyable!