June 2022

Outbase news feed and changelog - June 29, 2022


Exclude single contacts from being imported as prospects in a campaign

When creating your target audience, you might wish to exclude certain contacts from being contacted during a campaign.

  • Go to Data & Targeting

  • Click on Audiences

  • Choose the audience from which you want to exclude a contact

  • In the Available Contacts tab, click on the โ€˜Excludeโ€™ icon on the right-hand side of the contactโ€™s name

  • The contact information will be underlined indicating that this person will be excluded from further communications.

For further support, please talk to us on the live chat tool or email support@outbase.com.

View daily send reports

You can now access a daily view of your send reports. The new report allows you to see the status of a specific email sent, which sender account was used, and which prospects received that email.

You can access the brand-new Send Report from the navigation menu under Reports.


Campaign Calendar view improvements

The campaign calendar view shows all sending events for active campaigns including past and scheduled activities.

It is now easier to drill down to the detailed statistics by campaign and by email address. When you click on a campaign, the system opens a side panel where you can see:

  • the scheduled time for the sends

  • the time they were executed

  • how many of them are initial or follow-up emails

  • how many emails were successfully delivered

Live connection check when editing sender email account settings

Knowing whether your sender email account is connected in real-time is essential. It is now easier for you to test the connection of your sender email accounts when you make changes to the settings such as the email password or the server settings.

Whenever you need to apply changes to your email account settings, the system will automatically initialize and test your email account's connection with Outbase. In case the applied changes are not according to your server settings, Outbase will let you know right away!

Replace all PII (Personal Identifiable Information) for a prospect when they have made a compliance removal request

Every prospect you contact has the right to opt out of further communications or to be erased from your database.

In Outbase, you can anonymize all PII (Personal Identifiable Information) for prospects who have requested to be removed from your mailing list.

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