November 2023


New Feature

Onboarding Checklist & Guided Tours

Whether you're new to Outbase or a seasoned user, our new Onboarding Checklist and Guided Tours will get your campaigns set up and running within minutes with minimal effort.

These tools were designed to seamlessly guide you through essential account and campaign configurations, ensuring that you're on the right track to success.

There are only four steps to follow to get your campaign live, and each one comes with a guided tour to assist you in completing the tasks with just a few clicks.

You'll begin by creating your audience. Simply click the "Build an Audience" button and follow the guidance.

As you progress, the tours will take you through completing the checklist steps connecting your email account, adding messages, and activating your campaign.

If, at any point, you feel confident enough to complete a step without assistance, simply close the tour window using the “X” button.

Once you've completed all four steps in the checklist, your Dashboard view will change to report summary mode, allowing you to easily monitor your campaign's progress and performance.

If you already have a campaign built in Outbase, you can also rely on the guided tours for setting up your next campaign. You can initiate each of the tours as you follow the usual steps for campaign creation. Informative tooltips will guide you along the process, and you can kickstart the tours on the following pages: Audience Builder, Email Account Manager, Email Templates, and Campaign Manager views.

We know that you're eager to get started, and we don't want to keep you waiting. Log in to Outbase now, launch a new campaign within minutes, and watch those leads come in. Happy prospecting!


New Feature

AI Writer

We've supercharged Outbase, and now it's primed for crafting your email templates! Allow us to introduce our latest gem – the AI writer.

In your Email Templates view, simply navigate to the AI Writer tab and share a few details about your company. We'll gather essential details from your website and craft your ideal initial template. Plus, feel free to amend it for an even more personalised email.

Choose your email's goal and preferred tone, hit that "generate" button, and watch the magic happen. We've even got the subject line written for you!

All that's left to do is give your template a name, send yourself a quick test, and save it.

Crafting follow-up emails within your message sequence is a snap! Just select the "Follow Up" option and follow the steps:


Flagging of Incorrect Email Template Variables

In order to enhance your email template personalization, it's crucial to utilize a range of variables. To simplify this, before finalizing your template, the system will now highlight any incorrect variables. When you preview your template, this tool will identify, and flag incorrectly input variables in red, allowing you to promptly identify and correct any issues before publishing your template.

Use existing or add a new credit card

We've made design improvements for upgrading or changing pricing plans. Now, when you need to make changes to your subscription, you can choose between continuing with your saved credit card or adding a new one, offering you greater flexibility and convenience in managing your payments.

Bug Fixes

We've addressed a few of the user issues, and now you can smoothly review and confirm your responses in the Responder Inbox, taking them out of the "Review" status with ease.

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