May 2023


Bug Fixes

Say Goodbye to Open Rate Discrepancies

It seems our app had a bit of a glitch and decided to throw a party with two sets of numbers for Open Rates - one for the Campaign Manager and one for the Reports/Dashboard. We didn't want to spoil the fun, but we had to step in and get everyone to sync up and we're happy to announce they're now on the same page! So go ahead, check your reports and be ready for perfect data alignment!



Comprehensive Testing of the whole Message Sequence 

Introducing our latest feature enhancement, Test Sequence. This feature allows you to test the entire chain of emails in your message sequence simultaneously. Providing you with a preview of how it will be perceived by your prospects and enable you to make any changes to the template or sequence before launching your campaigns. 

To initiate the testing process, simply follow these steps:

  1. After creating your message sequence, locate the Test Sequence button. 

  2. Click on the Test Sequence button, which will prompt a modal window to appear. 

  3. Within the modal, select the desired email account from which you wish to send the test. 

  4. Click Next to proceed. 

  5. Customize the variables by modifying the existing text in the respective fields, allowing you to tailor the appearance according to your preferences. 

  6. Choose whether you want the entire message thread to be included in your test and whether you want the signature to be added to your initial email. 

  7. Once you have made the necessary adjustments, click "I'm done" to complete the process. 

We believe this feature enhancement will significantly improve your email marketing workflow and empower you to deliver compelling campaigns. 

Bug Fixes

Improved Deliverability Testing Results 

Some of our users noticed that deliverability test results were not being shown, and we took action to resolve this. 

We're thrilled to announce that our team has made significant improvements to deliverability testing for your email templates. The test results are clearly displayed, providing you with valuable insights into your email deliverability. 

Resolved In-Platform Notifications for Connected Email Accounts

We've resolved an issue where users would receive in-platform notifications indicating a problem with their connected email account, even after successfully adding it to a campaign within the organization.

From now on, you'll experience a smoother user experience as the In-Platform notification will no longer appear in the Notification Centre unless there is an issue with the email account's configuration, or it becomes disconnected.

Enjoy a hassle-free workflow with one less annoying notification, enabling you to focus on launching countless successful campaigns.

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