How to test your email deliverability with Outbase

If you would like to test the email deliverability of your template, you can do that through Outbase.

The first step would be creating the email template. If you have one of the following user roles, you can proceed with doing the deliverability test: Owner, Admin or Editor. To do the email deliverability test, follow these steps:

  • From the navigation menu go to Email Templates

  • Then choose the template which you wish to test and click on Edit

  • Next click on the Deliverability Test button.

  • Choose an email account from which the email template will be sent to Glockapps.

  • Fill in the value for the variables which are in the email template body

  • Click Send Test

To view the results of the email deliverability report, click on the Deliverability Tests tab.

What does the deliverability test report?

To generate this report, we’re using Glockapps through which we'll be resending your email using various delivery vendors.

This deliverability test will show the percentage of emails that are lending in inbox, spam/junk folders or other subfolders. It also checks the content and can raise a red flag if your email is marked as phishy by running your template through the Google Spam Filter.

You can also see your overall Sender Score, which can be an indicator for fixing possible issues before they become bigger problems when it comes to your deliverability.

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