Configure sending schedule

Here we're going to set up who the emails are being sent from and when they're being sent.

Step 1: Open the Scheduler

  • Click Configure in the Scheduler section to access the Sending Schedule editor.

Step 2: Define Daily Volumes

  • Choose how many new prospects you'll contact each day. Outbase automatically adds this number of prospects from your audience to the campaign daily, ensuring you're using the most up-to-date contact info.

This defaults to 50, which is the recommended daily volume for 1 sales agent.

Step 3: Select the Sending Account

  • Use the dropdown to choose the Agent account (email account) you're sending emails from. If you don't see any options, refer to the Add an Email account page.

Step 4: Review the send schedule

Review default send schedule

  • Set the campaign's start date, and your time zone, and specify the days and times for sending emails.

Since emails are sent out staggered across the day, think of this as setting your "working hours" (e.g., Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00, in UCT).

Step 5: Plan for Breaks and Finalize Settings

Plan for Breaks:

  • Schedule any pauses for days you're out of the office (OOO) and decide if you want Outbase to skip sending emails on public holidays. For this, you'll need to specify the locations you're targeting.

Advanced settings:

  • In Advanced Settings, limit the maximum number of prospects contacted per day from the same company. The default and recommended limit is 2.

Step 6: Save your schedule settings

  • After reviewing and adjusting your settings, click Save at the bottom to finalize your campaign schedule.

Now you are ready, to activate your campaign.

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