Other Email Providers

Use the help below to guide you through adding email accounts from other providers to Outbase via IMAP/SMTP connection.

Connect via IMAP/SMTP

Check that IMAP/SMTP is enabled on your account

When connecting an email account using IMAP/SMTP, you will need to ensure you have the correct SMTP and IMAP server settings are enabled on your account. Your provider should be able to give you more details around this, but generally, settings related to this should be available from your email settings, in POP and IMAP.

Add your account

In the Account Settings, input the email account holder’s name, email, and either:

  • the account password, if no forms of two-step verification/authentication are required for the account.

  • an app password, if any form of two-step verification/authentication is required for the account. Refer to your email account provider for further details about creating an app password.

Outbase will auto-populate the server settings for providers where these are known. If this isn't auto-populated then you will need to check with your provider and manually add:

  • SMTP details: SMTP Host, SMTP Port, and Security (SSL/TLS/None)

  • IMAP details: IMAP Host, SMTP Port, and Security (SSL/TLS/None)

Once you've added the Email Account Settings:

1. In General Settings on the right, you can assign the account to another user if needed, as well as adjust maximum emails sent daily and average delay between sends. These default to 500 and 50 respectively - which is our recommended settings. 2. When you're finished, head to the Test Connection section of this Guide to check your email account is connected and ready to go!

If you're having difficulties finding any of the above details from your provider or require some additional support, reach out to us directly through the chat box in Outbase or email us at support@outbase.com.

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