Send Reports

A detailed breakdown of your campaign(s) daily sends and any errors which might need addressing to keep them up and running.

Campaign doing fine? Never received any emails from us that there might have been some errors when sending your emails?

Great, then you might never use this report.

But if you have been notified of errors with sending, or you just love seeing everything's been sent successfully, then you're in the right place!

So let's look at what we can see on this page, and how it can help ensure your campaigns are smooth sailing...

1. Search & Filter: use the search box to find individual prospects/email addresses, or filter the send report by campaign(s), email account(s), stage, or status of the emails sent on this date.

2. Date: you can only view a send report for one day at a time. If you have just clicked through from the Calendar by clicking View report details, then this will be the date you were looking at from the Calendar, otherwise, it will be today's date, but you can select a different date by clicking here.

3. Email Account: this shows the email account the send was from. In the above screenshot, you can see there were at least two email accounts that were sending emails on the date shown.

4. Send To: displays the email address of the prospect the email was sent to.

5. Send Time: shows the date and time the email was sent.

6. Campaign Name: is the name of the campaign that was sent to the prospect. Again, in the above screenshot, you can see there were at least two campaigns active on the selected date.

7. Email Stage: tells you which stage of your messaging sequence was sent, starting with your Initial email, then Follow up 1, Follow up 2, etc.

8. Status: This column displays either: Sent - The email was successfully sent to the prospect. Error - There was an error with sending the email and the email has not been sent.

Please note that the number of processed emails may fluctuate slightly within the 24-48 hours after the daily sends. This is due to adjustments when undelivered responses are received. For example, if today's date shows 50 emails send, but then tomorrow shows 48, this means in the time between you checking Outbase has received 2 undelivered emails from prospects, removed these from your daily sends, and re-credited these to your account (if the data was found through our Audience Builder).

9. Description: Where an email has status Sent, the description will just show Email sent. However, where an email has status Error, the description will give you a bit of insight into what happened, so you can find out what to do to fix it.

As shown in the screenshot above the two most common reasons for errors with send in Outbase are:

Errors connecting to the email account(s)

This will normally cause a large number of daily emails to not be sent as the email account is no longer connected. In the above example, this is shown as Username and password not accepted.

In this case, you will need to check your email address and password are correct by editing the account from the Email Account Manager. If this doesn't work make sure there haven't been any changes to the account, e.g. 2-factor authentification has been turned on/off, and if you're using an app password, check this hasn't been removed from your account.

Other issues with connecting can be due to the saved IMAP/SMTP settings as any changes to these will interrupt the connection.

If you have checked all the above statements and are still having issues adding your account, please reach out to our support team through the live chat, or by emailing and someone will be able to assist you.

Errors with variables used in the template

This can happen when the template you are sending includes a variable that isn't available and this is a required parameter.

This might happen when:

  • You have used a custom variable with an audience built using the Audience builder, where this doesn't appear in our data set.

  • You have used a default variable with an audience you have uploaded through a CSV file, where this data doesn't appear or hasn't been mapped when uploading.

  • It can also happen in rare cases when an audience built using the Audience builder has missing data and so the variable isn't available for a prospect.

For more detail on variables, see the Variables part of the Email Templates section of our User Guide.

If this happens there are a few ways to remedy this:

  • Remove the variable that is causing the errors from your template.

  • Change the variable to an Optional parameter, for example, if the issue was with {{PROSPECT_COUNTRY}} as in the example above, we could change the template sentence from: And with offices in {{PROSPECT_COUNTRY}}, we're never too far away. To: And with offices in {{PROSPECT_COUNTRY|the US, Europe, and Asia}}, we're never too far away. Meaning if the variable is unavailable for any reason the email would still be sent, but with the sentence "And with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, we're never too far away." rather than a more personalized option, where this information isn't available.

  • If this is only happening with one or two prospects and you don't want to make any changes to your template, you can just add them to your exclusions, to stop them recieving any further emails from your campaign.

Didn't cover the error you've experienced? Or Just have more questions? No problems! Reach out to our Support team via the in-app chat or email for further help and assistance.

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