User Roles

Understand what roles can and can't do what actions, to make sure everyone on your account has the right access.

See a breakdown of user permissions based on roles. Use the contents guide on the left to look at what actions can be done by which roles in specific areas of Outbase. A basic guide is below:

Owner The owner is the user who creates the Organization. They can do everything on the account, including updating billing and payment information and changing the Outbase plan. You can only have one owner on an account and owners can't be removed.

If for some reason you need to transfer ownership of an Outbase account, please reach out to our Support Team through the in-app chat, or by emailing, or get in touch with your Customer Support Manager directly.

Admin Admins can access everything on the Organization account apart from updating billing and payment information and changing the Outbase plan.

Editor Editors can access anything needed to create or edit a campaign, including audiences, email templates, email accounts assigned to themselves, and exclusions. They can't make changes to Organization settings, add any custom compliance Q&As, or configure/remove a CRM setup.

Standard User Standard users can view most of the information on the account as add/edit/delete email accounts assigned to them. They can also view full conversations with prospects and add sales resource documents.

Viewer Viewers can view basic information on the account, such as email templates, reports, and information about prospects and leads. They cannot make any changes to campaigns or see full conversations with prospects.

Getting Started

Getting StartedOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer



Account Settings (Your Profile)

Account SettingsOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View/Edit General Info

Change Password

Organization Settings

Organization SettingsOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View Organization Settings

Edit General Info

Edit GEO Settings

Invite teammates

Update teammate roles

Delete teammates

Add/Update billing information

Change current plan

View payment history


DashboardOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View dashboard

View credit usage bar


InboxOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View unresolved responses

Filter and search for responses

View resolved responses

Resolve unresolved responses

Edit resolved responses


CampaignsOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View campaign settings

Create/Edit campaigns

Activate/Pause campaigns

Archive campaigns

Data & Targeting

Data & TargetingOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View audiences

Filter and search for companies and contacts

Create an audience using Audience Builder

Create a file-based audience (CSV upload)

Upload additional contacts to a file-based audience

Export contacts from a file-based audience

Add audiences to a campaign

Archive audiences

Email Templates

Email TemplatesOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View email templates

Filter and search for email templates

View purchased templates

Order an Outbase Template

Create/Edit email templates

Check email wording

Run email deliverability tests

Send test emails

View deliverability test results

Email Accounts

Email AccountsOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View email accounts

Filter and search for email accounts

Add/Edit email accounts for user

Delete email accounts for user

Add/Edit email accounts for other users

Delete email accounts for other users

Add compliance statement to signature

Run configuration tests

Send test emails

View domains

Add and verify domains

Prospects, Companies, and Exclusions

All ProspectsOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

Filter and search for prospects

View prospect activity details

Filter and search for companies

View company activity details

View exclusions

Filter and search for exclusions

Add/remove exclusions

Export exclusions


ReportsOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View reports

Filter and sort reports

Leads, Conversations, and Sales Resources

SalesOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View sales resources

Upload sales resources

Edit/Delete sales resources

Deal Navigator

Deal NavigatorOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View deal navigator

Create deal navigator

Edit deal navigator

Reset deal navigator


ComplianceOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View compliance Q&A's

Add/Edit custom compliance Q&A's

Delete custom compliance Q&A's

View/Export Subject Access Requests (SARs)

Submit Right to Erasure (RTE) requests

Change unsubscribe notification settings

Add external unsubscribe link


CRMOwnerAdminEditorStandard UserViewer

View CRM integration settings

Configure CRM integration

Delete CRM integration

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