July 2023


New Features and Product Updates

Audience Builder Improvements

Experience the full potential of our revamped Audience Builder! 🚀 Prepare to be amazed by its dazzling transformation, featuring a redesigned interface, enhanced sections, and powerful improvements.

For users new to audience filtering, we've made it easier to build better-quality audiences. Our updated Audience Builder recommends the most commonly used filters for precise targeting.

Refined Categorization: Job Titles by Departments and Seniority

We understand the challenges and complexities involved in finding precise job titles for your target audience. As a result, we have enhanced our job title filter by introducing two new segmentation options: Departments and Seniority.

That's right! In the Job Title section, you now have the ability to select departments where it is most likely for you to find the ideal buyers for your product or service. Simply click on the drop-down menu under Departments and start making your selections.

We have taken it a step further by segmenting the functions within each department. For instance, if you're looking for job titles within the Marketing department, you can now precisely choose the specific functions using the "+" icon located on the right side of the department.

Once you have identified and chosen your target departments and functions, you can also refine the search by specifying the desired seniority level. From more senior management roles such as Heads, Directors, and Managers, to non-management positions, we have you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of selecting the same job title for different seniority levels!

The system will seamlessly combine your chosen departments, functions, and seniority criteria. Once you are satisfied with the selected filters, simply click Apply, and the system will display both the Companies and Contacts that meet your specified criteria.

For users who still prefer to search by a specific job title, we have you covered as well! Navigate to the Contacts Tab and, under the Job title & Seniority section, open the drop-down menu. You will notice that alongside the options to search by Department and Seniority, you can also search for a specific job title (Select job title).

Location Filter

To enhance visibility and user experience, we have also made changes to the design of the location filters.

In the Recommended filters section, we have streamlined the process by combining the Contact and Company location filters under a single section.

If you prefer not to use the Recommended filters section, you will still find the Location filter conveniently available in both the Companies and Contacts sections. This change ensures consistency and ease of access across the platform.

Billing and Payment

Boost Leads, Slash Bureaucracy

We've removed bureaucracy, so you can dive straight into the action! Enjoy the flexibility to scale and adjust your subscription according to your business needs - choose from either monthly or annual plans, it's up to you! You also now have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plans at any time during your subscription. Please be aware that if you choose to switch to a lower subscription plan, the changes will take effect in your next billing period. However, if you decide to upgrade to a higher subscription plan, the changes will be applied immediately in your current billing period.

Once you have upgraded your organization to the desired subscription plan, please note that you will be able to cancel your subscription after 2 months.

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