Outbase keeps you up-to-date of everything happening on your account through notifications.

Notifications in Outbase can be accessed by clicking the notifications button (bell icon) from the header menu. When there are unread notifications on your account, a red dot will appear next to the button.

Notifications are there to keep you up to speed on anything and everything that's happening on your account and range from letting you know you've changed your password to informing you when other users have joined your organization, through to updating you when a campaign has been archived to reminding you when your monthly credit limit has been reached.

While we can't cover every notification here, most should be obvious based on the actions you are making on the account at the time. What is useful to know is that messages with a green bar indicate that something that happened on your account has been successful, like in the above example, all contacts were imported to an audience. Notifications with a red bar indicate something that may need actions on your side, for example in the screenshot above, 1 contact was not imported to an audience - by clicking on the notification you can find out more about that contact. Other notifications that may require action will include email connection errors, and when settings for an email account are reaching their limits, so keep an eye on these in particular.

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