Uploading a file-based audience

A quick start guide to adding a file-based audience to Outbase.
File-based audiences are created by uploading a CSV file that contains contact details from your own database or from data supplied by third parties.
It is important to note that:
  • Outbase doesn’t verify the email addresses of contacts added from a file-based audience.
  • The maximum number of contacts that you can upload in one file is 10,000.
To upload a file-based audience, simply follow the steps below:
  • If you are in a campaign view, click on the Configure button in the Audiences section, then Upload audience.
  • Or, from the Data & Targeting > Audiences page, click the Upload Audience button, in the top right-hand corner.
1. In the pop-up, give your audience a name and then upload your file, by dragging and dropping it or by clicking on browse and selecting it on your device.
  • Click on the Download CSV template to download a blank CSV file. You can then enter your data in the correct format.
  • Your file must contain a minimum of one column containing email addresses, but we recommend including as much of the following information as you can, each in their own column: first name, last name, job title, company, industry, size, and location.
Campaign Settings - Upload audience via CSV file
2. Once the data has been uploaded, click Next. 3. Now, you’ll need to map the columns in your file with our contact fields. Outbase will automatically detect fields with the same or similar column names from the file, so check this and add or make changes as needed. If you don’t have these fields in your data you can leave blanks. 4. Then choose any additional fields from your file that weren’t mapped in the previous step, that you’d like imported using the toggles. Any additional fields you map here can then be used as custom variables in your email templates. 5. When you’re finished click Import.
During the import, your file will be checked for any records (or rows) that don’t have an email address, contain an incorrectly formatted email address, and any duplicate email addresses. These will be removed and you will have the option to download and review the failed records.
Download Failed Records to Review
6. When the import is complete, click Save. The audience will source prospects for the campaign, based on the daily volume defined in the campaign scheduler.
Last modified 8mo ago